Our mission is to protect and rehabilitate animals and humans. We're committed to providing relief for families and individuals affected by crisis or who are struggling against deprivations caused by financial shortages. We've donated over $800,000 in therapeutic services to disadvantaged families, domestic violence victims, combat military veterans, and those recovering from addiction or trauma.




Since 2006, Big Heart Ranch has been home to hundreds of farm animals and is currently a forever sanctuary to a herd of 77 made of horses, donkeys, chickens, bunnies, goats, pigs, alpacas and deer. They have been loved and cared for by hundreds of volunteers and visitors and, in turn, have provided animal-assisted healing for thousands of underserved families from our Conscious Community.


The Woolsey Fire

In November 2018, our animals and devoted staff narrowly escaped the devastation caused by The Woolsey Fire, which took the homes and shook the lives of so many members of our community. We’re still in the aftermath of the fire and ask for your support so that we may continue to serve our mission - supporting animals and humans in need.

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