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Volunteer Day of "Renewal"

BIG Heart Ranch Post Woolsey Fire, Volunteer day of “Renewal”

The Malibu Foundation has generously contributed to help BIG Heart Ranch to restore its educational and group facilitation areas to resume its charitable community service work.

Pepperdine University has gathered 30 of their students and Chase Malibu has gathered their employees to help us in this epic rebuild!

We will be building furniture and structures to “renew” BIG Heart Ranch post Woolsey fire.

Indigenous California Education Center

  • Put up 20 Ft. Tipi for group Indigenous California Education sessions with backrest chairs, stools and decor.

East Side Property Privacy & Safety Fence

  • Repair & replace chain link and shade cloth.

Garden Education Center

  • Put together Pergola (for shade) - with 10 chairs for group discussions. 4 Picnic Benches (seating for 8 each) & umbrellas with stands. A Potting shed & 2 potting benches.

We Will Provide:

  • Breakfast – Donated by Starbucks Malibu

  • Lunch – Donated by Lily’s Malibu

  • Reusable Water Bottles – Donated DP Parker Inc.

  • Water & Dessert – Donated by Whole Foods Malibu

  • Sunscreen – Donated by Coola

Please make sure to wear the proper attire to work and bring gloves if you have them! We are looking forward to a hardworking, fun and fulfilling day at BIG Heart Ranch!

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