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BIG Heart Ranch

Relief and rebuild

Post Woolsey Fire

BIG Heart Ranch is still in the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire. Our restorative rescue herd returned five weeks after the fire to our donated Community Wellness Center Rescue Ranch in Malibu.

Initial donations helped us save our 66 rescued therapy animals and get them home to a safe environment, and for that we are MOST Grateful. Since then BIG Heart Ranch has encountered some tremendous and unexpected costs and are struggling to stay open! Not only did the entire back part of our property burn taking with it our conscious community nature based learning center, our caretaker’s home, destroying several sheds, fencing and our healing-educational garden this fire took many of our volunteer’s and supporter’s homes and businesses.

Please donate as much as you can so we can continue to rebuild BIG Heart Ranch, properly care for our NOW 75 rescued animals and continue to provide the supportive, post traumatic animal assisted growth experiences that our devastated community most needs right now! Thank you in advance!!!